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BIRO OGIS - history


The establishment of the company BIRO OGIS. The original business was rent and sale of the tents for various purposes and needs. At the very beginning the company had acquired the title of a reliable business partner which resulted in increased volume and range of services and sales.



The beginning of the cooperation with several manufacturers of the tent systems from Germany. BIRO OGIS started to cover market area in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania.



By expanding the scope of work in 2002, the team of employees increased to 14 regular employees. Additionally, the trained teams of high skilled installers have been created and they started to carry out installation at home in Slovenia and abroad.



With the investment in the purchase of the land and with the renovation and new construction of the associated facilities, the production of storage premises had begun.



The entire management together with warehouse, service and production, moved in to the new storage premises. Further advantage of the new location are excellent transport links,

closeness to railways, major logistics center and quick access to various offices, such as post office, customs, public and municipal administration and other institutions



The purchase of the high frequency welding machines was made. Our employees completed the training for the production of the PVC sheets for tents. It is important for us that their range of skills are constantly expanding and upgrading.



The production of the PVC sheets for the leading European manufacturers of the tents, like Haltec and Röeder, begun.

Till the end of the 2008 we had been successfully selling industrial tents and lightweight halls for European manufacturers. Altogether we sold more than 300 objects or 150 000 m2.



More than 350 m2 of premises for the production of aluminum and steel constructions were added to our existing production hall.

The beginning of the production of the small constructions.


2009 - 2011

More than 200 produced and sold objects to clients from all over Europe.



With continuous improvement of our program of the production of the industrial tents and lightweight halls, we have started to develop the production of the party tents program.



The beginning of the sale of our party tents. 


Today the company BIRO OGIS employs 50 people. It is the leading manufacturer of all types of the tents and lightweight halls in Slovenia and it is constantly expanding the circle of clients all over Europe.

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